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Hi there everyone! *waves* I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am just finished with the lectures and slowly getting back to schedule on everything which I had to give up for the last couple of weeks, such as blogging and sports. I still have to prepare the exams but hoping to get them done during this week. I have been testing so many pretties lately because doesn't matter how packed my schedule is, I always go out with a full face makeup, nothing heavy but with eyes, lips and cheeks done over a foundation. For the next weeks I would like to share all the pretties I have been using lately. Hope you like the posts, although some of them are not the latest news, until I catch up.

I would like to start with three products from Bobbi Brown. The brand has been updating their lines lately and I am really loving their new products such as their Brightening Bricks (#2 Coral reviewed here) and Luxe Lip Colors (Pale Mauve and Hibiscus are reviewed here). Recently they came up with Bobbi Brown Nude Finis Illuminating Powders. These are very similar to Chanel Les Beiges Powders and can be used all over, as bronzer or contouring depending on the shade you select. I tried these in color Bare. For the Beach Nudes Collection there are three gorgeous eye palettes. Today I would like to share my thoughts on Nude and I have one more Luxe Lip Color, which I am utterly in love with. I can't find it anywhere online at the moment and believe that it is from an upcoming release. It is #37 Bobbi, after Bobbi herself. Spoiler, it is a nude which is to die for Without further ado, here is my review...

Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes Sunkissed Palette Nude, Luxe Lip Color #37 Bobbi, Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Bare

Before I start, I would like to thank to those who still stick around and send me e-mails and comments. It had only been a couple of weeks but it feels like a life time, especially because even on holiday I never gave such a long break from blogging for the last three years. I love this tiny little internet space of mine and writing about colorful and fun things so even if it gets harder at times to keep up, I am not planning to quit in near future. I missed so many of you, will be very happy to hear how you are doing if you have a time to leave a comment.

Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes Sunkissed Palette Nude, Luxe Lip Color #37 Bobbi, Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Bare

Now back to candies, shall we? I would like to start with Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color which swept me off my feed. I have tried two other shades previously and found the formula to be very hydrating and comfortable to wear. I am also loving the packaging and how hefty these feel. I received the shade called #37 Bobbi, after no one else than Bobbi herself. I can't find it in stores at the moment but I know that there will be new shades being released soon so this must be one of them. Big crush really! This is such a lovely nude tone which goes wonderfully with a touch of bronzer and smoky eyes. It has enough rose in it to brighten up the complexion. Super pretty. Don't miss it when it comes out.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color #37 Bobbi

When I reviewed the blush duo from the Malibu Nudes Collection (here) I already talked about the Nude Illuminating Powders. These come in elegant beige compacts and look like a nude version of their new Brightening Bricks. The powder is talc based and have some anti-oxidants such as Mulberry Root Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract and Grape Fruit Extract. It also has Sodium Hyaluronate for hydrating. The powder is very finely milled, the compact has 6.6 g of product and it is made in Japan. Most of the powders look powdery on my dry skin but this surprised me in a good way. It illuminates the complexion just slightly without leaving glittery pieces on the skin and sits invisibly over the foundation. I have the one in Bare, which is a great match for NC20ish skin with natural undertones. I will definitely go back and check out a deeper shade with cooler undertones to use as very natural contouring/bronzing. 

Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes Sunkissed Palette Nude and Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Bare

Bobbi Brown released a few collections but my favorite this Summer was their Beach Nudes Collection with three beautiful palettes and lovely lip colors. The packaging of the palette are in rose gold, it looks so gorgeous. The consistency of eye shadows are buttery with a good color pay off. The shades in Bobbi Brown Beach Glow Sunkissed Nude Eye Palette in Nude are as follows:

Top left: a tan shade with matte finish. This one matches to my skin tone nicely. I use it to even out the darkness on the eyes and to prepare the eye area for better blending as well as blending over the socket.

Top right: a champagne glitter which is soft and adheres well on the eye lid. I like applying it with fingers and pad it over the peach shade.

Bottom left: A medium peach shade with satin finish. This one is so much love for me. It just gives that polished nude look and can definitely be used on its own during a rushing morning. 

Bottom right: A very deep cool brown with matte finish. This shade has a great color pay off so if you use it on the outer edge and crease, you have to make sure to get most of it to the back of your hand before attempting to put it on your eye to prevent it from getting too intense. Good news though, it makes a great liner.

Swatches: Bobbi Brown Sunkissed Palette Nude, Luxe Lip Color #37 Bobbi, Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Bare

Here is me wearing Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes Sunkissed Palette Nude on eyes, Luxe Lip Color #37 Bobbi on lips and Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Bare all over my face. I have a touch of Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Terra on my cheeks for a soft contour. As much as I love the consistency, color pay off and the shades of the eye shadow, I found it to be not too versatile. At least it is the only look I can come up with using my technique. Do you have any ideas? One of the shades is tan (almost invisible) and the other one is a glitter so there is only one shade for the lid and one as a liner/crease. That said one look I come up with is so pretty to wear daily to work, with or without glitter.

FOTD: Bobbi Brown Sunkissed Palette Nude, Luxe Lip Color #37 Bobbi, Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Bare

Here is the full look. You can see the subtle glow the illuminating powder gives. It is very natural, yet visible. That lipstick, I love it so much. I don't think I have anything close to that, any ideas? I will be happy to post a comparison if I have the ones you write. 

FOTD: Bobbi Brown Sunkissed Palette Nude, Luxe Lip Color #37 Bobbi, Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Bare

Check out Linda's review of Nude Illuminating Powder in Porcelain here.

Final thoughts: My big love is Luxe Lip Color in Bobbi, everyone needs one, such a pretty nude! Nude Finish Illuminating Powders are not just a pretty face, they are almost invisible and provide a lovely natural glow. Bobbi Brown Beach Glow Sun Kissed Nude Eye Palette has four good quality shades but I didn't find it to be very versatile. That said I am hooked to that one look come up with.

Have you tried any of these products? Any dupe suggestions for Lip Stick in Bobbi?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I can definitely see why you like the lip color Bobbi. It swatches very differently on your arm than it looks on your lips. I like the lip color much better. It's kind of a toffee. Bobbi Brown does subtle shades of brown-y lipsticks like no one else-- and I personally prefer a brown lip color to a brown eye color-- really nice shade. And welcome back!

  2. Beautiful collection, you look gorgeous!

  3. Welcome back! We've missed you and your delightful reviews. That Bobbi lipstick is a gorgeous color. Bobbi is able to create beautiful MLBB colors that leave you looking polished and poised; not dull and flat. I'll be on the lookout for "Bobbi".

  4. Der Lippenstift steht dir hervorragend und die Fotos sind toll! Du strahlst so :)

  5. Hi Eileen, I am so glad to see you here :-) Last time you wrote such a long and informative comment, I was feeling so bad not to be able to answer because of insanely busy schedule. You summed it up wonderfully again, MLBB color, not dull nor flat, I am sure you will love it too. I can't stop wearing Bobbi (as funny as it sounds ;-))

  6. Hi Alison,
    thanks so much for dropping by, missed you xox
    It swatches so differently right, I was like no way it will work on me then on the lips it was not as intense and so beautiful. You are right this shade is definitely called toffee and Bobbi does these for no one else. Now think about it, to this one she gave her name! It must be her own favorite shade ;-)

  7. I am actually a big fan of the BB brown lip pies. There was one I was wearing and wearing even though it was so old because I could not find the color anywhere else. I will be looking out for this one. Also messaged you on FB with some Suqqu chat.

  8. I checked out the eyeshadow palettes as well and passed on them for the reason you mentioned above. I had a slight preference for the pink palette, but there was just something about them that prevented me from buying them. It looks lovely on you, though!

  9. Thank you for the link love darling!! :* This looks far better on you than me! I found the consistency of the eyshadows dry... and i'm surprised you liked the shimmers. But the lip luxe is gorgeous!!! LOVE IT on you!

  10. I really like this collection! And Bobbi looks great. OMG... I want it!

  11. Bobbi Brown allways makes very flattering collection, easy to wear and chic... Love that one !
    I bought Sunset Glow iluminating powder yesterday, and I'm crazy about it... Il faut que tu y jettes un coup d'œil chère Sara.

    Bon week end !

  12. I'm loving the look of Bobbi and the eyeshadow. I've heard mixed reviews of the illuminating powder, but I'm sure I'll take a peek of everything at the counter!

    Laura from Laurantaina - Beauty Blog


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