Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

Wish you all a wonderful weekend. Today in Stuttgart it is raining so much that we are about to convince ourselves that with global heating a tropical weather is about to be established over the ski resorts just a few hundred kilometers away. Wouldn't that be fun?

Chanel recently brought out a collection for eyes with three new eye shadow Les 4 Ombres palettes and Stylo Eyeshadows. Although I own all the Stylos released up to date but I decided to skip these this time around because in the morning I forget not to apply it near the eyes, like on my water line and end up burning my eyes. I also don't want something around my eyes which irritates them if it gets in, no thanks. 

This left me pretty much with the palettes. I was about to get all three of them because you know I am such a fan of Chanel's recent eye shadow formula. I purchased all of their palettes from the permanent line up. I was about to order all three. That was before I stumbled upon a discussion at Instagram. Some make-up enthusiasts were not so delighted with the formula of these and they wrote that these are much different than the permanent palettes which were released two years ago. Needless to say I got very curious but decided to play it safe and get one of the new offers, Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions, to find out if they indeed had another formula. After testing this one out for a week on several days, here are my thoughts.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions

Packaging, oh well, nothing to say about it really. Some love it some hate it. I find it a bit out dated but I can live with it. At least it really is signature. I have some palettes which date back to my teenage years. The first palette I purchased from Chanel when I was just 20 years old looked exactly the same. I remember my boyfriend back then got me another one for my birthday, I was over the clouds. Of course he took advice of a common friend. 

Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions has a cool pink/purple/silver color theme. If you know me, you could totally tell that it was my first choice from the new offerings. 

Top Left: A mid-toned neutral silver with metallic finish. This one has the best color pay off in the palette. All on its own I find it crashing a bit too much with my coloring, looking too cool for my taste. Mixed with some pink or purple, I can pull it off. 

Top Right: A very light ivory with satin to matte finish. This is great for some highlighting on inner corner or right below the brow bone. I found the pigmentation to be on the weak side. For example added to the inner corner after applying the eye look is not an option because it doesn't show up well. If it is applied first, then it applies better.

Bottom left: A light neutral pink with satin finish which is the looser of the palette. This is supposed to be the all over shade but it hardly shows up on my lids. I had to basically go five to ten times with a dense brush to achieve the pink look at the end of this post.

Bottom right: A deep purple with satin finish. The texture is a little dry, which wouldn't really disturb me all that much since I like the deeper shade a little dry for them not to have fall out but this one also produces fall out during application. *sigh* 

Close-up: Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions

Swatch: Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions

This one brought Chanel Les 4 Ombres #228 Tissé Cambon to mind because of the purple and pink so I swatched them side by side for you. Tissé Dimension is a cooler version of Tissé Cambon because of the silver shade instead of taupe. The other three shades are almost the same except the fact that they are less pigmented versions of these. When you swatch Tissé Cambon, you feel that the texture is almost oily and much more pigmented. Tissé Dimension on the other hand feels drier, more powdery and lack pigment. I guess I don't have to write which one I personally prefer although I can see that if you are very fair and shy of pigment, you might even go for the new version.

Swatch Comparison Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions vs. #228 Tissé Cambon

Here are two looks I wore when I was testing Tissé Dimension. For the first one I layered silver and pink and applied the purple on the outer corner and crease. I tried to apply the ivory to the inner corner but it ended up not showing all that well.

Eye look: Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions

You had seen me wearing this look at my last post with La Mer Bronzing Powder (here). I am wearing Sisley Phyto Lip Twist in #11 Litchi on my lips which is my go to nude at the moment (reviewed here).

FOTD:  Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions

I tried to stay away from the silver and create a pink/purple look which took me some time given how poorly pigmented the pink shade was. Below I am wearing the ivory on the inner corner, pink right after that on the whole lid and purple on the outer corner and crease. I completed the look with one of Diorific Matt Lipsticks from last holiday collection State of Gold.

Eye Look: Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions

FOTD: Chanel Les 4 Ombres #272 Tissé Dimensions

Final thoughts: All in all thumbs down unfortunately. I don't know why the formula of this one feels so different than the ones in the permanent collection. It is definitely a move in the wrong direction. I could buy any Chanel palette with eyes closed, now I believe I have to watch out. I recommend you getting Tissé Cambon instead of Tissé Dimensions if you are searching for a pink/purple eye shadow palette.

Have you tried one of these new offerings? Is your experience in line with mine?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was purchased by me.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I was thinking of getting 266 - Tisse Essentiel because the sales associate said it was satins and mattes. I had also read a review that said it coordinates well with so many other colors. I went to the counter and tried to swatch it but the colors are so sheer, particularly the lower left color, that they barely showed up on my very pale skin. Ultimately, I decided that these neutral colors are very dupable, so I returned home and shopped my stash instead.

  2. Thank you very much for your review. I have several of Chanel quads and like them a lot. It's a pity the new ones are disappointing. I'm still a bit tempted by this one as I really like both looks you've created.

    If you've still got the box and find the time to check (I know you're very busy) I'd be grateful if you could tell me if it contains parabens (I try to avoid them in eye and lip products). I know that some of the newer quads from Chanel contain them. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Oh glad I saw this review! I was thinking of getting this quad actually. I am really fair, so this quad might be good for me but I don't like that it's very dry. I have oily eyelids so that might not work well. I like Tisse Cambon but will have to swatch that pink shade, it kind of scares me haha otherwise I like Cambon better maybe. It's a shame! They both look so pretty. Oh well.


  4. Ever since I try to get a Chanel quad, the quality goes down hill except for the ones that are too warm. The recent summer one has a marvelous formula but way too warm for me. So no Chanel so far. I think all I will get this summer will be the green yeux stylo liner. I did get a lovely Burberry quad in a rose pink #10 and that is a great base for adding some of the Denona purples to. Not as convenient, but good quality. And loving the Suqqu ones too.

  5. Gorgeous makeup , you look very beautiful

  6. Aw man, what a pity... Thanks for the warning and honesty though!

  7. Oh no--I bought the Empreinte du Désert quad ... I haven't even swatched it yet--fingers crossed that it's a good one!

  8. Hi Sara, I just tested this one out today, and certainly the pigmentation seems to be lacking. I'm also disappointed by the pink.... it doesn't show up on me at all. Even the purple takes some work to show up properly. And thank you for reminding me about Tisse Cambon!! I was quite sure there was already a Chanel quad with the same shades, but I couldn't place it. LOL!

  9. Hi Poppy,
    Empriente du Désert is a completely different formula. It is softer and creamier than these new Tissé quads.

  10. Whew! That's a relief. Thanks for letting me know.

  11. I originally bought Tissé Particulier and have no complaints. In fact it has been one of my favorite evening quads as of late. It is not particularly creamy or soft, but that is not a fault so long as the shadows apply smoothly and evenly, wear well, and remain color true--and they do. The level of pigmentation is average and the colors can be easily combined on the brush or layered on the skin to create smooth gradients of color. I've read some reviewers who say they wished the blue had better pigmentation and I agree with that, but using a primer or dampened brush easily solves the problem. Bottom line: I have been able to create some beautiful looks that mimic a sunset into twilight effect and I always get compliments from other women who invariably ask me what I'm wearing.

    My first impression of Tissé Essentiel was that it was kind of "Meh!" It looked boring in the pan and swatched poorly on my hand. But, when the visiting Chanel MA applied it on my eyes, it was a whole different story! First, he applied it as an easy, natural daytime look and then went over it again showing me how to transform it into a dramatic evening look. It's very versatile, but there is nothing razzle-dazzle about it. This is a basic set of shades that mimic naturally occurring shadows. Because of that, Tissé Essentiel is best used to contour the eye area. It adds structure and works as a beautiful base when a bit of color is picked up from another palette. (For example, applying a light glaze of the iridescent green from Empriente du Désert over the movable lid) It can certainly be used on its own and I've created diffused cut crease as well as soft smoky looks using nothing but this quad. It always seems to illicit comments along the lines of "You have such beautiful eyes!" No mention of makeup, no questions about what I'm wearing, just a comment on the look of my eyes. This is not a quad meant to make a bold color statement. It is meant to sculpt the eyes. Consequently, the issue for most women will be how well the shades work on their skintone. For me, it's a winner, but I can easily see that it wouldn't work well on a number of women.

    Tissé Dimensions is the one I gave a complete miss. I didn't even bother swatching it. Despite all the silver hair framing my face, silver looks terrible on my eyes. One look at the colors and I knew that silver and greyed purple would make my eyes look dull. My eyes are a dark, warm, moss green and need warmer tones like those in Tissé Cambon (which I love).

  12. I definitely agree with Eileen. You selected the right quad. I will review it in a few days too, so far loving it.

  13. The formula is actually identical to the Tisse Paris from the permanent collection, so it is not really new. The Tisse Particulier (LE from this collection, with a blue sector) has the formula similar to the old backed quads, but all same issues as your quad - bad pigmentation, dry texture. To be honest, I also bought almost all new Chanel quads because they swatched so well in store. This was 2 years ago, since then I used only 2-3 of them only 1-2 times. They crease like nothing else in this world, are oily and last only 2 hours over any primer. I bought the summer quad again and I feel like an idiot because it has all the same issues - swatches well, but creases into a mess after 2 hours. I feel tired from this brand. Color combination is beautiful though, Gucci Primrose duo is similar to it, if you want it in a normal quality. Some of your Natasha Denona palettes resulted in a similar look too. It suits you really well!

  14. Too bad the shadows in this quad are so sheer! For me Chanel eyeshadows have always been a hit or miss. I don't know if they often change the formulas, or if the results just vary a lot depending on the shade due to pigments (cool purples are notoriously hard to do well for example). I can see why some people might prefer a more subtle color rather than full pigment, but if the shades don't show up on the skin it's a deal-breaker for me!

  15. I bought Empreinte du Desert and it is superb quality. It seems the quads made in Italy (like Empreinte du Desert) are better than the ones made in France. I really hope they make a consistent permanent line. I now always esitate before purchasing a new Chanel quad

  16. Empreinte du Desert is so gorgeous! I can't stop using it (will post a look soon)
    The older permanent line quads are made in France but they have excellent quality too. So I think it is not only about it. I am also hesitant now, especially after this one.


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